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Free Online Fortune Teller BotDo you want to know who loves you? Will you get that new job? When will you finally get the raise you deserve? Ask the Fortune Teller. She dispenses wisdom for free.  Above all, she knows that you are special, unique, and there are things that no one else can do quite like you can. Type a question into the box, and scroll down to read the answer:

The fortune teller will read your question and tap the universe to answer. But of course, in truth, fortunes are ultimately the creation of each and every individual. It is fun and entertaining to read the future, but use this website as a curious, fun past-time. For true guidance and real answers, listen to your own wisdom and heart. After all, that is why you are here–to learn to hear your own inner voice to make decisions, build up rather than tear down, and to have a positive impact on the earth and people around you. Don’t start big. Start small. Help the person nearest you first! As for truth and future, inside, the answers are there. But we must be brave enough to face them. When we find the courage to face the truth–especially those we’d prefer to avoid–that is when we are on the road to true, deep contentment.

Remember always that you are unique, and you have talents that no one else in the entire world has. Every word and action you release affects people many times removed. Your words (or actions) affects the person you tell, the person he or she speaks with next (passing on the mood or energy your original word created), and then this is passed on to the person he or she communicates with soon after, impacting him or her, and so on and so forth. Truly, our actions and words resonate throughout the entire world. Choose them carefully. Listen to your heart and your mind. The answers are all there. Meanwhile, play with our Fortune Teller–it is created for fun, and we hope you enjoy asking questions and seeing answers!

She may show curiousity but she will only give answers. Along with the occasional compliment if you’re extra special;)